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Quested Peace CC participated in Young United by the League (Youth Exchange) in Madrid- Spain

Quested Peace participated in the “Young United by the League” Youth Exchange under Erasmus+ (EU funded programme). The Exchange took place in Las Rozas in Madrid between 20th and 26th of July 2017. The 37 young participants in this Exchange came from 7 countries: Tunisia, Jordan, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia and Spain.

The aim of the project was to raise awareness among all young people about the importance of social integration of multiethnic youth in modern and democratic societies by using sport and physical activity as a channeling element. 

The exchange project was organized and hosted by ADEFIS JUVENTUD INTERNACIONAL, in cooperation with the following participating organizations:

- Adefis Juventud Internacional, Spain
- Zdruzenie Razvoen Centar Novo Selo, Macedonia
- Quested Peace, URI- MENA, Jordan
- Associazione Sikanie, Italy
- FHIRD, Tunisia
- Edirne Doga Sporlari Kulubu Dernegi, Turkey

The Exchange included several activities, applying non-formal education and peer-learning methodologies, including:

1. Physical and sports activities... Sports Competition.
2. Intercultural games exchange.
3. Workshops and debates.
4. Video creation.
5. Role-playing.
6. Field visits.
7. Meeting and discussions with subject matter experts including Mr. Pablo Sanchez Bujan, member of the Higher Sport Council of the Municipality of Madrid and Ms. Sara Andres Barrio, participant of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

The main achievements of the project were the following:
• The awareness about the benefits of physical activity and sport for health, combining it with a healthy diet.
• The learning of basic rules of sport in general and its importance as a socializing element.
• Social integration of the participants in a playful and sportive way.
• We learnt about each other cultural and traditions.


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