What we do

The URI MENA regional support hub’s main task is to build and assist its network of Cooperation Circles (CCs) in the Middle East and North Africa.

To best assist the CCs the regional support hub facilitates cooperation; provides training, workshops and resources; and offers a platform for communication.

CC members and volunteers are for example given the chance to meet, learn and .. together during the yearly Regional Assembly.

The Cooperation Circles (CCs) in the MENA region are self-organizing and self-governing, choosing what issues to take on and how.  Activities of the CCs include for example;

- Actions to promote daily interfaith dialogue, understanding and education.

- Actions to prevent and mediate religiously motivated conflict and promote reconciliation.

- Actions to uphold and promote human rights.

- Actions to promote environmental welfare.

- Actions to close the poverty gap.


Occasions like International Day of Peace or the Interfaith Harmony Week offer a great momentum for taking action.

Read more about the URI MENA's Action Area's, or find out recent activities on our News page