Who we are

The United Religions Initiative - Middle East & North Africa (URI MENA) is a non-profit organization aims at promoting enduring and daily interfaith cooperation to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the earth and all living beings. Though it is autonomous entity, URI MENA serves as the regional support hub of the global organization "United Religions Initiative (www.uri.org)". It is registered as a Non-profit public benefit organization in Jordan and operates through an office in Amman. The office supports URI MENA’s affiliate groups/members (we call them Cooperation Circles or "CCs") to fulfill their potentials and aspirations while contributing to URI mission.

URI-MENA Cooperation Circles (CCs) welcome and honor diversity, each group has a minimum of 7 members and include people from at least 3 different religions, spiritual expressions, or indigenous traditions. Individuals, associations and organizations can join a Cooperation Circle. The CCs are created by people who share a common vision: that our religious and spiritual lives, rather than divide us, can guide us to build community and respect for one another.  The CCs are designated as the center and life of URI MENA, therefore, the URI MENA Office is dedicated to escort and support the work of over 60 CCs spanning across 11 MENA countries. The CCs are engaged in different activities on local, regional and global levels with a focus on interfaith cooperation, peacebuilding, intercultural understanding, people empowerment (particularly less fortunate youth), social inclusion, community service and environment protection. In general, URI MENA has succeeded in deepening understanding and cooperation among the historic faith communities and ethnic groups in the MENA region, as well as empowering youth initiatives to play a vital role in building their societies.

URI MENA welcome any group/ organizations to join as long as they are ready to subscribe to URI Charter and Purpose.

Each year, the URI MENA organizes a regional assembly for all MENA CCs to enhance their interfaith and peace-building competencies. Additionally, the gathering enables CCs to network, exchange ideas and share resources.

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