19th session of URI MENA Cultural Cafe

On, Saturday, 21 August 2020, URI Cultural Café session on "How to deal with change in your work and in your life".
In the first part of the session, we discussed how to prepare yourself for changes imposed by COVID-19 and shared successful stories of dealing with challenges resulted from COVID-19 pandemic. Then we watched "Who Moved My Cheese?" film that inspires an amazing way to deal with change in our professional and personal lives. Film link is below.
Major takeaways
Participants shared good changes in their lifestyles developed during COVID-19, including:
• Building up new knowledge- Reading and researching.
• Walking/hiking…connect with nature
• Practice exercises / sportive activities in your backyard/ room to keep fit.
• Learn new skills...handicrafts such as embroidery
• Farming and raising Backyard Chickens
• Developing good personal hygiene habits, including physical distancing.
Major takeaways from the film "Who Moved my Cheese"
• Change Happens; we need to accept that change is inevitable. Organizations need to constantly update their offerings.
• We need to anticipate change; some participants highlighted the mistakes made by Nokia that led to its deterioration, particularly ignoring market changes and sticking with old systems. Also, Kodak was another example discussed. It missed opportunities in digital photography, and stuck with old technology that destroyed its market leadership.
• We need to monitor change and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
• We need to adapt to change quickly…. Change or die!
• We should enjoy change