URI MENA organized an interactive workshop on “Inclusive Citizenship of Cultural & Religious Diversity”, Amman from 28-30 October 2018

Despite the growing interconnectivity across people, the diversity is still not understood or well incorporated into social structuring. Social exclusion of religious and cultural minorities, refugees is growing in the Middle East & North Africa due to political conflict and social unrest. Therefore, this workshop is meant to provide URI MENA CCs leaders with the needed knowledge, tools and skills for a better understanding and efficient implementation of education on diversity, interculturality and citizenship inclusive of diversity in the context of the post-arab spring.

The workshop which held at the Amman House for Youth, attended by 23 CC leaders coming from Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Jordan. It was facilitated by three distinguished trainers; Zina Ishaq-Nimri, Lina Haddad and Dr. Fadia Al-Ibrahim applying Adyan Foundation methodology of inclusive citizenship education.