Quested Peace CC participated in “Travelling to Nowhere” a Training course on how to support immigrant and refugees in receiving countries, held in Madrid- Spain, Dec. 2016.
Two members of the Quested Peace CC along with 30 youth and social workers participated in Travelling to Nowhere” a Training course held in Madrid- Spain under Erasmus+ program (an EU funded program to support education, training, youth and sport), from 27th of Nov. to 1st of Dec. 2016. The participants who represented 15 non-profit organizations coming from 15 countries, gathered in this training to share their experiences of helping in the refugee crisis and spread the awareness of the human side of refugees. The training is meant to shade light on refugees' realities and sufferings in their new world since media coverage of conflicts in war-torn countries and the influx of refugees to other countries often seem to overshadow other essential issues concerning the lives of refugees upon reaching their destination. The training tackled many topics related to integration, sensibilization, social inclusion and refugees and immigrants' human rights including the right of asylum. 
The program included displays about the current worldwide refugee situation, facts and myths about refugees as well as participants' stories and experience pertaining to refugees. Good portion of the training was dedicated to highlighting the gap between the ‘Universal Human Rights declarations’ and the realities of refugees and immigrants. Also, the intercultural learning dimension was prevailed all over the training activities.
The participants suggested many ways to help refugees and immigrants such as:
  • Host refugees and asylum seekers in your home.
  • Volunteer your specific skill...teaching (language, math, sports …), psychological support, assisting families with finding apartments, completing the necessary paperwork,..etc.
  • Help refugees to integrate into their new culture invite refugees to dinner or to accept an invitation to dinner at the home of a refugee, invite refugees to social events (wedding party, Christmas party, picnic, camping…), …etc.
  • Economical Support; employ refugees, distributed essential items, including clothing, hygiene kits, furniture .etc.
  • Offer opportunities for refugees to volunteer in your organization.
  • Hold awareness and fundraising events to support refugees.
Participants' countries: Macedonia, Jordan, Egypt, Bosnia, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, France, Italy and Spain.