We are pleased to inform you that the below two CCs have joined our URI MENA family:
  • Peace and Human Security "PHSO" from Iraq
The CC seek to achieve peace and resolve violence through human experiments/studies and the science of human security. They are working with different bodies to build a better future for the Kurdistan region of Iraq through publishing research and experiments about peace, and the culture of “no for violence” and conflict resolution in a legal and peaceful way. 
  • Peace for All from Tunisia
The CC aims to build a culture of peace and tolerance between people, particularly the youth. Their activities include: youth empowerment through engaging young people in capacity-building programs; interfaith dialogue "debates about religions"; cultural exchanges including organizing/co-organizing EuroMed/ Erasmus+ projects; publications, research, analysis and studies related to youth empowerment, intercultural understanding, women’s empowerment and religious tolerance.