Al Badiya for intercultural dialogue CC (Al Badiya Center for Awareness & Voluntary Work) participated in the fourth Arab Youth Forum for Volunteering held in Tunisia from 25-30 January 2018 under the theme "Volunteering is a Community Development by the hands of youth". The forum attended by more than 50 participants from 18 countries coming from 16 Arab countries, Africa and Europe. The forum aimed at highlighting the role and impact of youth volunteers in Community Development. Also, it built the capacity of participants to enhance their contribution to community development.
The forum provides a platform for young people and social workers to facilitate resources and experiences sharing.
Mr. Khalid Al Jazi, the president of Al Badiya for intercultural dialogue CC, talked about his CC contribution to community development by managing a team of local and overseas volunteers who provide several capacity building and community service activities to less fortunate people in AlBadiya (Maan Province), particularly children and women. Moreover, Mr. Al Jazi talked about his CC engagement with URI explaining how URI has helped his group to utilize volunteer work to introduce interfaith and intercultural cooperation to his community.  
After a fierce competition, Al- Badiya CC won the third place in Forum's international Award in recognition of its achievements in bringing transformational change to its community. 
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