Jordan Quested Peace CC participated in the Partnership Building Activity and building “Network International in Sport and Education” in Biarritz, France June 2012
The activity aims to:
1.   Improve participants’ skills and competencies in the field of building successful partnerships and developing multicultural projects to reinforce the cooperation between Europe, MENA, and South Caucasus.
2.   Build a network of not-for-profit organizations that it can work at an international level to achieve their goals related to youth development through using Sport and Education. The network is called “Network International in Sports and Education”. The network is currently setting a cohesive action plan in order to develop youth participation in social society building using tools like modern games, sports, traditional sports and games, etc.
3.   Enhance the participants’ skills in non-formal education in multicultural setting.
Participants’ organizations/countries:
France, Jordan, Tunisia, Macedoine, Poland, Armenia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Georgia, Bosnia, Palestine, Ukraine, Italy and Serbia.
The program tackled:
  • The specifications of multicultural projects and how to overcome their challenges.
  • How to identify the right partner; how to identify skills of each partner for a complementary approach in order to promote the realization of projects.
  • How to shared authority and responsibility and to develop the sense of ownership for all partners in a common project.
  • How to jointly invest resources and achieve synergies (e.g. time, work, funding, material, expertise, information).
  • How to ensure mutual benefits, i.e. “win-win” situations.
On the other hand, to continue cooperation among the participants and attract more like-minded organization, we develop a charter of network under the name NISE (Network International in Sport and Education).
NISE values include: Serving, volunteerism, equality, human rights, inclusion, solidarity, sharing, active cooperation and participation, intercultural understanding, physical active lifestyle, and respect diversity.