News 2019 - 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Symposium 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Symposium 2020

The Global Entrepreneurship Symposium was held from 7-9 December 2020 with more than 140 participants from 20 countries. The symposium was coordinated by Mr. Karim Sahli in cooperation with the following organizations:
• United Religions Initiative- URI
• We Love Souses
• The 40 Foundation
• Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development
• AnnaLindh Foundation

Freedom of speech/ expression vs Hate speech

URI MENA Cultural Café- weekly Session
On Saturday, 31 Oct. 2020, our 28th session of URI MENA Cultural Café was on "Freedom of speech/ expression vs Hate speech"
We discussed the meaning of freedom of speech and hate speech from different perspectives. Also, we discussed the differences between freedom of speech and hate speech.
Major takeaways:
• Most participants agreed on the notion "one person's freedom ends where another's begins". Hence, we should not interfere in the affairs or business of other people.

News 2013


URI-MENA host the “CULTIV8: Euro-Mediterranean games for Intercultural Dialogue” training program, held in Amman from 28 of June to 6 of July, 2013
The project was aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and highlighting the importance of active citizenship to achieve a better sustainable future.

News 2015

TEP’ ‘’Triple E Project’’ training is specifically tailored to address youth unemployment problem by equipping them with real life work skills as well as empowering them to be entrepreneurs.
The training was held in Manchester for 6 days with 30 participants coming from the following 6 NGO’s (5 each) from UK, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Moldova and Slovakia.
Celebrating the International Day of Peace: highlighting the call for peace in religious scriptures

News 2016


URI MENA was represented by Quested Peace CC in Jordan in "Refugees, the invisible victims" Youth Exchange organized by Adefis Juventud Internacional in Lampedusa- Sicily, Italy from 22nd to 27th of September, 2016.
The Italian island of LAMPEDUSA is one of the entering gates to Europe for African and Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants who risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search for a better life.

News 2017

http:Peace Trip - Embracing all- Youth of Peace CC

News 2018

Desert Bloom participated in “Feminism, the new F-word?” training course held in Gliwice, Poland, Oct. 2018.

URI MENA Regional Coordinator's participation in Service Civil International’s 2018 Exchange Platform Meeting (EPM).