News 2018

Clothing & Shoe distribution; enabling the poor to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches its end, Muslims around the world have started preparing for their yearly celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr. Buying new clothes and shoes in Eid is a well-known tradition from Islamic history and is also indicated by Sunnah. Muslims like to celebrate the Eid by dressing up and wearing their best clothes and going out to meet friends and relatives. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known to have worn his best clothes on Eid.

Media for Peace project - Youth For Peace CC- Yemen:

Youth For Peace CC in cooperation with Civil Society Academy finished the first stage of Media for Peace Project which aims at enhancing the role of young journalists in reinforcing the values of peace and coexistence as well as empowering all kinds of media to serve as a tool for promoting peace and reconciliation in Yemen.
The first phase of the project involved building the capacity of 14 young journalists in peacebuilding & conflict resolution and Filmmaking.

News 2017

Quested Peace participation in FingerPrint of Cultures- Youth Exchange held in Latvia from 31 Oct. to 7 Nov. 2017 . The report is written by  Ms. Dina Tarazi one of Quested Peace CC delegates in this project:
Project Background

Dealing with Refugees: From Challenges to Opportunities
The Role of Youth Work in Working With Refugees.

URI MENA was an associated Partner of the Conference, which took place in Amman from 24th to 26th of October 2017 about “dealing with refugees”. URI formed part of the team and volunteers together with Salto-youth EuroMed, Erasmus+ program, the Higher Council of Population in Jordan, the national agencies of Salto-youth program in Europe and several local NGOs in Jordan.

The conference was under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal.

News 2016

Youth of Peace Holds a Workshop on Active Citizenship
Quested Peace CC participated in “Travelling to Nowhere” a Training course on how to support immigrant and refugees in receiving countries, held in Madrid- Spain, Dec. 2016.

News 2015

Empowering Women Through Business Projects
URI Women’s Initiative MENA conducted two workshops on “Small Startup Business Project Management” during the last quarter of 2015.
URI MENA 13th Annual Assembly 2015, held under the theme: "Justice & Peace in Religious Traditions-Refugees Rights" in Amman, 26 – 28 November 2015 at Imperial palace Hotel, Amman.

News 2014

A new CC joined URI MENA family.
Please join me in welcoming "Youth of Peace CC" from Yemen. Below its details:
Youth of peace
PURPOSE: Spread peace among religions
The 12th Regional Assembly took plave the 6th-8th of November 2014 in Madaba, Jordan.
This year’s topic was about “Voluntarism in religious traditions”. Members of diferent CCs and Religious backgrounds talked about the importance of voluntary work in their faiths.

News 2013

URI MENA represented by 10 members of Quested Peace CC participated in ‘A4A’ ACTIVATE FOR ACTION: SOCIO-CULTURAL DIALOGUE THROUGH SPORTS training course held in Manchester from 3-9 April 2013.
URI MEAN participated in the fourth 8 Series “PARTICIP8”, September 2013.

News 2012

We would like to share our latest” Helping the needy people activity”. 

After the successful session in Ankara- Turkey in March 2012, Quested Peace along with 5 civil society building organizations coming from 5 countries; Spain, England, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, participated in the second session of this social workers training program "social involvement in sports (Motiv8)" which was held in London during the period of 8 - 17 June 2012.

News 2011

Al Badiya for Intercultural Dialogue participated in the Second IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference for the Arab Nations hosted by the Oman Association for Consumer Protection (OACP) from 24 – 26 November 2013 in Muscat, Oman.

URI MENA Office hosted an interactive lecture on main Shrines in MENA and Cyprus delivered by the photographer Mr. Abdel Raheem Arjan (www.arjanphoto.com).